Haida Protect Filter - 82 mm

Haida Protect Filter - 82 mm

499,00 DKK

Varenr.: 10512

The frames of this series filters are all made of special super hard, high finished alloy material, after being precision machined in the CNC machines, hard anodic oxidation is processed, strict processing technique guarantee every product is of accurate size and with comfortable feel.

The black rimmed frame greatly eliminates the influence of reflection. Haida UV protection filter has been optimally ground from ultra pure optical glass; precise cutting and fine polishing all prevent any picture distortion which due to the subtle uneven could not be found by eye. Meanwhile, the pure clear optical property makes sure that every filter will not result color cast.

To guarantee each filter’s perfect quality, Haida use the laser printing instead of the ordinary silk print for the letters on the frame; therefore the letters on the frame will not get abrasion.

Warmly remind you that to choose a reliable brand filter among the unequal and irregular markets. Meanwhile, Please choose clean wiper or superior optical cleaning cloth to clean the filter surface. All Haida filters have one year warranty.