Falcon Eyes Adapter TMB-40FE til Falcon fatning

Falcon Eyes Adapter TMB-40FE til Falcon fatning

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Til montering af bl.a. studio-softbokse på din speedlight flash
Varenr.: 02717
The Falcon Eyes Strobist Adapter TMB-40FE is great for strobist photography. The camera flash can easily be mounted on the hot shoe of the camera flash holder. On the Falcon Eyes bayonet connector, many different accessories can be mounted. These accessories must have a Falcon Eyes bayonet connection. The camera flash holder can be tilted forwards and backwards. The part with the Falcon Eyes bayonet connector can be slid up and down. It can also be removed, which turns the camera flash holder into a camera flash holding bracket with umbrella mount.

NB: flash not included

Article number: 296998
Brand: Falcon Eyes
Adapter required: No
Dimensions: 29-35 cm