Kalahari Kaama LS-85 Dobbelt Kamerarem

Kalahari Kaama LS-85 Dobbelt Kamerarem

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Kun Hos Vefa Foto!

Kalahari LS -85 combines safety and elegance.
This fast double strap offers you the possibility of having always ' hand up to two cameras , so you do not miss the opportunity to shoot .
Simply fantastic for wedding photographers and reporting .

Made of skin is a stylish addition to a photographer who wants not only functionality, but also have a timeless style , and ensure a long service life .
The crossed and wide straps at the shoulders provide a balanced distribution of weight and comfort when used for a long period of time. In this way keeps your hands free when needed.
Adjustable in length , the handles have a threaded adapter 1/4 to hold your security camera , or if you prefer , you can add other accessories.

1x Kalahari Kaama LS -85 - Leather Strap for 2 DSLR