Sirui T-2005X Alu + G-20KX

Sirui T-2005X Alu + G-20KX

1.569,00 DKK

Varenr.: 03128

The SIRUI TX series tripods combine extremely low weight with a very compact design. They are easy to use in any situation and always give your camera a secure working platform. The TX series tripod legs can be rotated by 180 degrees to pack the tripod away, giving the range a folded size of from 34 cm to 41 cm. The sections are tightened with sealed ring locks and ensure excellent stability. For stability the tripods are fitted with non slip rubber feet. The Models T-2004X, 2204X-T, T-2005X, T-2205X are equipped with both rubber feet and retractable metal spikes. A stabilisation hook on the center column is as much a SIRUI standard as the two leg warmers made from soft and non-slip foam rubber. The Carbon TX series tripods are made from 8 layers of carbon fiber.


  • T-1004X, 2004X-T = high quality aluminium in 4 sections; T-1005X, 2005X-T = high quality aluminium in 5 sections
  • T-1204X, 2204X-T = 100% carbon 8x layers in 4 sections; T-1205X, 2205X-T = 100% carbon 8x layers in 5 sections
  • Legs rotate 180 ° degrees, with ring locks for secure grip
  • Reversible 1/4" & 3/8" screw for tripod head or camera
  • Stabilisation hook and leg warmer
  • Tripod bag with strap and additional center column (9.5 cm) are included


Specifikationer for T-2005X:

Sektioner: 5
Minimum højde: 123cm
Maximum højde: 143cm
Sammenfoldet højde: 38,4cm
Vægt: 1,45kg
Belastning: 12kg

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