Gepe 2601 Diarammer 6x6 m/AN glas - 20 stk.

Gepe 2601 Diarammer 6x6 m/AN glas - 20 stk.

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Varenr.: 03542

Gepe 60 x 60 one Anti-Newton Glass, 3mm, 20pcs/box

One side with AN glass, the other with plain glass for best projection results.

GEPE glass mount advantage

Slide is protected against pollution, dust, fingerprints and scratches.

The air exchange system enables the slide to «breathe» which helps to eliminate bacterium and Newton rings.

The Anti-Newton (AN) glass prevents Newton rings.

The slide is safely held in place with the clips of the metal-mask.

During the projection

The slide stays absolutely flat to ensure a focused projection of the whole image.

The design of the metal-mask ensures absolutely sharp edges around the image.

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