Falcon Eyes Studio Sæt TFK-2400L m/LCD Display

Falcon Eyes Studio Sæt TFK-2400L m/LCD Display

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The Falcon Eyes studio flash set TFK-2400L is a very complete flash kit for the professional user. Included in delivery is a sturdy transport case with wheels with which you can transport the set easily. The studio flash kit comes with the modern Falcon Eyes TF-400L studio flash. This professional studio flash has 400Ws flash power and comes with all the accessories you need to start right away. The studio flash offers everything you would expect of a professional studioflash, such as a fast recharging time, sturdy metal housing, professional bayonet-connection for accessories, a built-in slave receiver and a very accurate adjustability. Of course, the modeling lamp can be switched on and off and its power can also be set proportional to the flash power. Also, the flash is equipped with an auto-power dump function and overheating protection (sleep).

Features Falcon Eyes TFK-2400L:

Clear LCD screen.
The bright, blue LCD-screen can easily be read.

Intelligent remote control
With the supplied wireless remote control, you can change settings such as flash power, when the flash is positioned out of your reach (e.g. at 3 meters height). Furthermore you can control up to 10 different flash units.

The possibility to let the slave-receiver flash at the first, second or third flash.
This way, you can trigger the flash on a flash of your choice. Most studio flashes flash immediately when the built-in slave-receiver detects another flash. But the TF-L flashes can be set to go off at the second and third flash as well. This way, you can use the pre-flash function of you camera flash.


2 x Studioflash TF-400L
2 x W805 light stand (101-235 cm)
2 x Softbox (80 x 80 cm)
1 x Case CC-06 (104 x 36 x 27 cm)
1 x RC-2L remote control
2 x Reflector
2 x Modeling lamp 150W
2 x Power cable
2 x Synchronization cable

Article number: 290333
Brand: Falcon Eyes
Type: Flash with remote control
Series: TF (Falcon Eyes)
User: Professional
Adjustability flash unit: Stepless 1/32 to full
Adjustability modelling lamp: On, off, proportional to flash power
Socket modelling lamp: E27
Color temperature: 5500K
Testbutton: Yes
Ready indication: Indication through LED and beeper (can be switched off )
Slave receiver: Built-in, can be switched on and off
Guide number ISO100: 64
Cooling fan: Fan cooling
Casing: Metal
Digital display: With digital display
Accessory connection: Falcon Eyes bayonet
Power modelling lamp (Watts): 150
Recharging time: 1 - 2 seconds
Flash duration: 1/700 - 1/1700 second
Dimensions: 110 x 39 x 32 cm (l x w x h)
Total weight set: 23 kg