Falcon Eyes Cross Bar CB-3150F

Falcon Eyes Cross Bar CB-3150F

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Retractable Telescopic Crossbar
Varenr.: 12550
The Falcon Eyes CB-3150F 3.15m Retractable Telescopic Crossbar is a crossbar suitable for paper or cloth backgrounds. The CB-3150F is lightweight and compact, making it easy to transport and carry. It is therefore easily used as an extra crossbar for your background system, and set up in a timely manner.

The CB-3150F is telescopic and can be adjusted in length from 1.20m up to 3.15m. Additionally, the crossbar fits on all light stands with a spigot located on the top of the stand.

Article number: 296915
Brand: Falcon Eyes
Type: Crossbar
Material: Aluminium
Color: Black
Sections cross bar: 3
Diameter cross bar (mm): 25 mm, 28 mm, 31.5 mm
Length (cm): 120 cm - 315 cm