Linkstar SA-C1 Klemme med spigot

Linkstar SA-C1 Klemme med spigot

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Varenr.: 03872
This powerful metal spring clamp with spigot adapter is an ideal aid in the studio and all round in use. A powerful spring makes that it can hold a lot of things with a lot of force, for instance holding tools, hanging a flash unit or backdrop, or preventing a roll of backdrop paper from unrolling.
The clamp has a rubber coating to prevent damage. The spigot adapter is fixed and has a 1/4" male thread. The clamp is 76 mm wide and can be attached to objects up to 40 mm thick.

Artikelnummer: 562652
Brand: Linkstar
Type: Clamps
Height: 11 cm
Thread: 1/4" male