StudioKing Laptop Stand MC-1020 til lampestativ

StudioKing Laptop Stand MC-1020 til lampestativ

499,00 DKK

Varenr.: 12457
The MC-1020 laptop stand from StudioKing offers a versatile and stable solution to use your laptop. You can place every laptop up to 16 inch on the stand to work easily. This is great for an exhibition, event and presentation. The laptop stand comes with a handy spigot adapter, where you can attach it with to almost any tripod. The laptop stand is equiped with vents, to let the laptop loose its heat.


You can attach the supplied mousepad to the laptop stand. Because of the soft surface, you can slide your mouse flexible. The mousepad is also suitable to store other accessories, like your power-adapter or presenter.


1x Laptop stand
1x Mous-Pad

Articlenumber: 572555
Brand: StudioKing
Type: Other
Suitable for: Laptops
Measure: 42.2 x 30.2 x 8 cm