Matin Cleaning Set Hurricane 6 Pieces M-40110

Matin Cleaning Set Hurricane 6 Pieces M-40110

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Varenr.: 11794
This Matin Cleaning Kit Hurricane M-40110 is the highest quality item that can be widely used to optical products, such as camera's, lenses, filters and other fine optical products. with no damage to the coated lens surface and the product quality. Especially, the blower and the lens cleaner are greatly superb items that can wipe out small dust, fingerprints, oil stans and etc..Ideal for cleaning cameras, lenses, digital cameras and other optical instruments.

1 x Cleaning Agent (30 ml)
1 x Lens Cloth
1 x Air Blower Hurricane Medium
1 x Brush Mini
5 x Cotton Swabs
1 x Lens paper (70 Sheets)

Articlenummer: 168292
Brand: Matin