Barton 1972 Whip-Natural - Brown 105cm

Barton 1972 Whip-Natural - Brown 105cm

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This elegant strap sits beautifully on any camera, providing a soft yet sturdy hold of your camera. 

The Braided Style strap is very comfortable around your neck, highly flexible and does not take much space inside a camera bag. Most importantly, this is one good looking strap.

The finish of the strap is exquisite, with quality materials, fine workmanship, and classic design coming together to form a product that leaves nothing to be desired.

This strap has a lot of leather in it, and it takes ages to make one. Each strap is individually hand braided with tender loving care and cooked till perfection.

The braiding technique is one of the most complicated style currently available in the market. It uses 6 individual strands of leather weaved together to give you a full 3 dimensional strap.