Falcon Eyes LRB-0378 Reflektor Stativ

Falcon Eyes LRB-0378 Reflektor Stativ

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The Falcon Eyes LRB-0378 is a standing reflector holder which can also be used as floor stand because the holder can be separated from the stand.
This stand is suitable for both large and small reflectors.
You can mount reflectors as small as 10 cm to a maximum of 205 cm.
The holder is made up of three sections.
The minimal height of the upper clamp is 89 cm to 220 cm.
The bottom clamp has a minimal height of 14 cm and a maximum height of 80 cm. This stand has a folded length of 80 cm.


Reflector holder
Floor stand ø 55cm (max)
Spigot 1/4" and 1/8"

Artikelnummer: 295561
Brand: Falcon Eyes