Falcon Eyes Daylight Set LH-ESB5050K 40W

Falcon Eyes Daylight Set LH-ESB5050K 40W

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Varenr.: 03678
This Falcon Eyes continuous light set consists of a simple lamp holder with a foldable softbox, one ML-40 spiral lamp with a power of 40W (equivalent to 200W) and a W805 stand. This set is suited for both beginner and advanced photographer to experiment with daylight for photography and videography.


1 x Lamp holder with foldable softbox
1 x Diffuse cloth 50 x 50 cm
Protection sleeve
1 x ML-40W lamp
W805 Light Stand

Article number: 2058
Brand: Falcon Eyes
Type: Daylight
Power (Watts): 1 x 40W
Color temperature (K): 5500
Adjustability: On/off
Dimensions (cm): 50x50
Cooling fan: No fan cooling
Minimum height tripod (cm): 101
Maximum height light stand (cm): 235
Number of sections tripod: 3