Linkstar LS-803 Lampestativ 86-205 cm

Linkstar LS-803 Lampestativ 86-205 cm

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Varenr.: 03681
The Linkstar LS-803 Light Stand is a universal, lightweight yet sturdy, light stand. The top of the LS-803 is equipped with a ¼” spigot, on which a studio flash unit can be mounted. The LS-803 is equipped with 2 adjustable sections, enabling you to adjust the height. As well as being suitable for mounting lighting units, the LS-803 can also be used to create a background system or as a reflector holder.


Article number: 561803
Brand: Linkstar
Type: Lamp stand
Minimal height: 86 cm
Maximal height: 205 cm
Collapsed length: 72 cm
Sections: 3
Sections Ø (mm): 23.5 / 20 / 16.5
Suspension: No
Diameter legs (mm): 16 mm
Spread: Help 67 cm
Material: Aluminium
Color: Black
Weight: 1.1 kg
Maximum load weight: 4 kg
Diameter screw thread: 1/4"