Linkstar LBA1-BA Boom Arm + modvægt 121-211 cm

Linkstar LBA1-BA Boom Arm + modvægt 121-211 cm

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Varenr.: 03685
This heavy boom arm comes with counterweight. It can be deployed universally and it fits on every light stand. The sturdy eccentric cam is clipped around the pipe and provides a multifunctional application: the arm can be manoeuvred in any position desired. With a boom arm you can hang your studio lighting above your subject, without it being visible in the picture/video. You also create more freedom because for example you can walk under the lighting.


Boom arm

Article number: 562195
Brand: Linkstar
Sections: 2
Diameter legs (mm): 31.5mm / 28mm
Material: Aluminium
Color: Silver
Type of counter weight: Metal, 3 Kg
Minimal arm length: 121cm
Maximal arm length: 211cm
Diameter screw thread: 1/4" or 3/8"