Linkstar LS-39Y Lampestativ 390cm - luftdæmpet

Linkstar LS-39Y Lampestativ 390cm - luftdæmpet

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Varenr.: 03688
Universal light stand. Sturdy and light, and therefore easy to take along. The stands from the Linkstar LZ-series are black coloured and have air cushioned sections which hight can easily be adjusted. The stands can be used not only as light stand for for example studio flash units or continuous lighting, but also for building a backdrop system or a reflector holder when used in combination with the optional accessories.

Minimal height: 133cm
Maximal height: 390cm
Collapsed length: 113cm
Sections: 4
Suspension: Air
Spread: 130cm
Material: Aluminium
Color: Black
Weight: 2,3 Kg
Maximum load weight: 8 Kg
Diameter screw thread: 1/4"