Falcon Eyes Light Stand LM-7300HA Heavy Duty 7.3M

Falcon Eyes Light Stand LM-7300HA Heavy Duty 7.3M

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7.30 meter højt!
Varenr.: 10702
The Falcon Eyes Light Stand LM-6000HA is an extra durable light stand with a maximum height of 6 meters! This makes the light stand suitable for event photography, for photographing tall objects and many more purposes. Various accessories can be mounted on the 1/4" male spigot. The light stand has a sturdy frame and with a spread width of 160 cm provides the light stand sufficient stability. Compared to its length, the light stand is light in weight (5.1 kilograms) making it easy to carry.

Diameter tubes: 28, 31.5, 35.6, 40, 45 mm.


1 x Light stand
1 x Spigot with 1/4" male thread

Article number: 295210
Brand: Falcon Eyes
Minimal height: 180 cm
Maximal height: 730 cm
Collapsed length: 160 cm
Sections: 6
Sections Ø (mm):  45 / 40 / 36 / 31 / 28 / 26
Suspension:  Air suspension
Diameter legs (mm): 25 mm
Spread: 136 cm
Color: Black
Weight:  5.5 Kg.