Falcon Eyes Super Clamp CL-22

Falcon Eyes Super Clamp CL-22

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Varenr.: 03887
Indispensable in the studio. It is almost impossible that you can't find a place to fix this clamp. On this clamp a variety of accessories can be mounted, so you have a sturdy mounting place at any place desired. A Flex-arm also fits on this clamp. A spigot adapter is supplied (3/8" male), so the clamp can be mounted on a tripod, or for mounting a flash unit or lamp on this clamp.
This metal clamp has a supporting power of 15 kg.
It fits on tubes / tables / walls of 13 - 55 mm thick.


Spigot adapter

Artikelnummer: 296965
Brand: Falcon Eyes
Type: Clamps
Length: 85 mm

NB: svarer til Manfrotto 035C